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April Edition
Earth Day Celebrations

To mark the Earth Day on 22 April 2017, the members of the Environment Club reaffirmed their commitment to conserve the environment and resources of our planet Earth in a special prayer service conducted for the students of the Middle and Senior school.

  The students of the Junior School too offered special prayers for all global citizens to coexist in peace and harmony. The students were urged to contribute in their own small way to preserve our planet. A group dance performed by the students of class IV gave a creative expression to depict the agony faced by Mother Earth due to pollution and deforestation. The students also undertook a pledge to show their solidarity to the cause of conservation of our planet.

Later, saplings were also planted in the school premises by teacher and student representatives from across all classes to reiterate their commitment to the cause of keeping our planet clean and green. The students would take responsibility of tending to their respective saplings through the year. It was also a small initiative towards fulfilling the JPIC goal of collectively planting 1 lakh trees by all Loreto Institutions across India by 2020.

Many activities like colouring an outline of Earth, Creative writing on themes relevant to conservation for Junior school and Logo and Slogan designing for Middle and Senior school were also organized to mark the occasion.

Workshop on Special Education

Mrs. Veena Desouza and Mrs Shalita Roychowdhury from the Junior School attended a workshop at Kolkata organized for the teachers of Loreto Schools from India and Bangladesh on 7 - 8 April 2017 held. Dr Reena Sen, Director and founder member of IICP ( Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy) conducted the workshop on the imperatives of Special Education to educate teachers on the different methods and strategies used when teaching students with disabilities.

The training program was specially designed with the key objective of creating awareness about the various forms of disabilities and how to identify and effectively teach children with special needs in order to help them to become both academically and socially successful and self-reliant. The two teachers shared valuable inputs from the workshop with all the faculty members of Loreto Delhi at the general staff meeting held on 19 April 2017.

Orientation Programmes for Parents

Parents of the new batch of Class Prep students for the Academic Session 2017-18 were invited to the school to attend an Orientation Programme on 8 April 2017. The program was designed to acquaint them with the school’s philosophy and curriculum besides acquainting them with the faculty under whose tutelage the students would commence their landmark journey at school.
In her welcome address our Principal Sr. Mercia gave the parents an insight into the history and goals of Loreto institutions. Subsequently, Ms Meenu Kadian, the Junior school co-coordinator and the Prep class teachers addressed queries of the parents in an interactive session which was greatly appreciated by the parents.

Sr. Mercia extended a warm welcome to the parents of class V students who were invited for an Orientation Programme on 22 April 2017. As the students step into the Middle school this year, it was an opportunity for parents to familiarize themselves with the general directives, rules, academic curriculum and the examination pattern that would be followed henceforth. They also got a chance to interact with the respective class teachers who solicited their support in ensuring a smooth transition for their wards.

In an interactive session that followed the Principal, Middle School Coordinator Ms Priya Nasir and the class V teachers-
Ms. Ruchi Goel, Ms. Kanchan Bage and Ms. Juby Chandran answered the queries put forth by the parents.

First Day at School

The presence of their favourite cartoon characters, Doremon and Mickey Mouse added a spring to the steps of the young batch of students from Class Prep when they walked into school on 10 April for their first day of School.

‘On this School your blessings Lord’

Fr. Arnold Davis, the parish priest of St. Paul’s church was invited to bless the school on 25 April 2017. Father invoked the blessings of the Almighty upon the school building the Principal, community, staff and students at the commencement of the new academic session. Subsequently, Community sisters, Sr. Mariam, Sr. Gretta, Sr. Amla, and Sr. Oliva assisted Father in this Easter blessing by sprinkling the holy water across the school premises and classrooms as the choir of YCS students sang the hymn ‘ On this school, your blessings Lord’.