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Anti-Human Trafficking Day

July 30, 2018

The World Day against Trafficking in Persons was observed by staff and students of Loreto Convent, Delhi on July 30, 2018. A special assembly was conducted to sensitise students about the victims of human trafficking and the steps being taken to protect the rights of such persons. Students prepared posters to conscientise the public about this violation of basic human rights. They interacted with students of the neighbouring schools and people on the streets to raise awareness about this crime against people especially women and children.

A talk was also organised by the Principal and teachers for the students of classes VIII to XII. The objective was to show how the most vulnerable sections of society can be given support in the form of education and knowledge about their rights so that they may protect themselves from being victimised by the human traffickers. The testimonials of young women who have benefitted from such support programmes provided by Loreto schools under the aegis of Sr. Cyril Mooney IBVM was shown to students. The students also shared their views and self-composed poems on this issue which reinforced our vision of Justice, peace and integrity of all creations.

~ Report by Loreto Convent, Delhi ~